Connecticut's 169 Cities and Towns, with their respective counties and links to their ZIP Codes

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All of the 169 municipalities listed on this Page are officially Cities or Towns. There are many more named places in Connecticut, but they are unincorporated localities and not officially recognized as cities or towns. For example, Mystic, CT, which is half in Groton, CT and half in Stonington, CT, is a historic village in New London County, with a post office and its own ZIP Code.

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Connecticut Municipalities A – M
AndoverTolland County
AnsoniaNew Haven County
AshfordWindham County
AvonHartford County
BarkhamstedLitchfield County
Beacon FallsNew Haven County
BerlinHartford County
BethanyNew Haven County
BethelFairfield County
BethlehemLitchfield County
BloomfieldHartford County
BoltonTolland County
Bozrah New London County
BranfordNew Haven County
BridgeportFairfield County
BridgewaterLitchfield County
BristolHartford County
BrookfieldFairfield County
BrooklynWindham County
BurlingtonHartford County
CanaanLitchfield County
CanterburyWindham County
CantonHartford County
ChaplinWindham County
CheshireNew Haven County
ChesterMiddlesex County
ClintonMiddlesex County
Colchester New London County
ColebrookLitchfield County
ColumbiaTolland County
CornwallLitchfield County
CoventryTolland County
CromwellMiddlesex County
DanburyFairfield County
DarienFairfield County
Deep RiverMiddlesex County
DerbyNew Haven County
DurhamMiddlesex County
East GranbyHartford County
East HaddamMiddlesex County
East HamptonMiddlesex County
East HartfordHartford County
East HavenNew Haven County
East LymeNew London County
East WindsorHartford County
EastfordWindham County
EastonFairfield County
EllingtonTolland County
EnfieldHartford County
EssexMiddlesex County
FairfieldFairfield County
FarmingtonHartford County
Franklin New London County
GlastonburyHartford County
GoshenLitchfield County
GranbyHartford County
GreenwichFairfield County
Griswold New London County
Groton New London County
GuilfordNew Haven County
HaddamMiddlesex County
HamdenNew Haven County
HamptonWindham County
HartfordHartford County
HartlandHartford County
HarwintonLitchfield County
HebronTolland County
KentLitchfield County
KillinglyWindham County
KillingworthMiddlesex County
Lebanon New London County
Ledyard New London County
LisbonNew London County
LitchfieldLitchfield County
LymeNew London County
MadisonNew Haven County
ManchesterHartford County
MansfieldTolland County
MarlboroughHartford County
MeridenNew Haven County
MiddleburyNew Haven County
MiddlefieldMiddlesex County
MiddletownMiddlesex County
MilfordNew Haven County
MonroeFairfield County
MontvilleNew London County
MorrisLitchfield County

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Connecticut Municipalities N – W
NaugatuckNew Haven County
New BritainHartford County
New CanaanFairfield County
New FairfieldFairfield County
New HartfordLitchfield County
New HavenNew Haven County
New LondonNew London County
New MilfordLitchfield County
NewingtonHartford County
NewtownFairfield County
NorfolkLitchfield County
North BranfordNew Haven County
North CanaanLitchfield County
North HavenNew Haven County
North Stonington New London County
NorwalkFairfield County
NorwichNew London County
Old LymeNew London County
Old SaybrookMiddlesex County
OrangeNew Haven County
OxfordNew Haven County
PlainfieldWindham County
PlainvilleHartford County
PlymouthLitchfield County
PomfretWindham County
PortlandMiddlesex County
PrestonNew London County
ProspectNew Haven County
PutnamWindham County
ReddingFairfield County
RidgefieldFairfield County
Rocky HillHartford County
RoxburyLitchfield County
SalemNew London County
SalisburyLitchfield County
ScotlandWindham County
SeymourNew Haven County
SharonLitchfield County
SheltonFairfield County
ShermanFairfield County
SimsburyHartford County
SomersTolland County
South WindsorHartford County
SouthburyNew Haven County
SouthingtonHartford County
SpragueNew London County
StaffordTolland County
StamfordFairfield County
SterlingWindham County
StoningtonNew London County
StratfordFairfield County
SuffieldHartford County
ThomastonLitchfield County
ThompsonWindham County
TollandTolland County
TorringtonLitchfield County
TrumbullFairfield County
UnionTolland County
VernonTolland County
VoluntownNew London County
WallingfordNew Haven County
WarrenLitchfield County
WashingtonLitchfield County
WaterburyNew Haven County
WaterfordNew London County
WatertownLitchfield County
West HartfordHartford County
West HavenNew Haven County
WestbrookMiddlesex County
WestonFairfield County
WestportFairfield County
WethersfieldHartford County
WillingtonTolland County
WiltonFairfield County
WinchesterLitchfield County
WindhamWindham County
WindsorHartford County
Windsor LocksHartford County
WolcottNew Haven County
WoodbridgeNew Haven County
WoodburyLitchfield County
WoodstockWindham County

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