Fairfield County ZIP Codes

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Fairfield County ZIP Codes
LocationZIP CodeActual Name (per USPS)
LocationZIP CodeActual Name (per USPS)
Belle Haven, CT06830(Greenwich, CT)
Bethel, CT06801
Botsford, CT06404 (Post Office Boxes)
Bridgeport, CT [B1]06601, 06602, 06604, 06605, 06606, 06607, 06608, 06610, 06611, 06612, 06614, 06615, 06650, 06673, 06699
Bridgeport Correctional Center06604(Bridgeport)
Brookfield, CT06804
Brookfield Center, CT06804(Brookfield, CT)
Danbury, CT [D1]06810, 06811, 06812, 06813, 06814, 06816, 06817
Darien, CT06820
Dodgingtown, CT06470?Newtown? (unknown to the USPS)
East Norwalk, CT06855(Norwalk)
Easton, CT06612
Fairfield, CT [F1]06824, 06825, 06828
Garner Correctional Center06470(Newtown)
Glenbrook, CT06906(Stamford, CT)
Glenville, CT06831(Greenwich, CT)
Greenwich, CT06830, 06831, 06836 (06836 is for Post Office Boxes)
Hawleyville, CT06440 (Post Office Boxes)
Huntington, CT06484(Shelton)
Monroe, CT06468
New Canaan, CT06840
New Fairfield, CT06812
Newtown, CT06470
Noroton, CT06820(Darien)
Noroton Heights, CT06820(Darien)
Norwalk, CT [N1]06850, 06851, 06852, 06853, 06854, 06855, 06856, 06857, 06858, 06859, 06860
Redding, CT06896
Ridgefield, CT [R1]06877, 06879
Ridgeway, CT06905
Rowayton, CT06853(Norwalk)
Sandy Hook, CT06482
Saugatuck, CT06880(Westport)
Shelton, CT06484
Sherman, CT06784
South Norwalk, CT06854(Norwalk)
Springdale, CT06907(Stamford, CT)
Stamford, CT [S1]06901, 06902, 06903, 06904, 06905, 06906, 06907, 06910, 06911, 06912, 06913, 06914, 06920, 06921, 06922, 06925, 06926, 06927, 06928
Stepney, CT06468(Monroe, CT)
Stevenson, CT06491 (Post Office Boxes)
Stratford, CT06497, 06614, 06615
Tokeneke, CT06820(Darien)
Trumbull, CT06611
Upper Stepney, CT06468(Monroe, CT)
West Redding, CT06896(Redding)
Weston, CT06883
Westport, CT [W1]06880, 06881, 06888, 06889
Wilton, CT06897


[B1] Bridgeport, CT is home to the University of Bridgeport, 126 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604.

06601 and 06602 are for Bridgeport Post Office Boxes.

06650 is unique to Stratmar Fulfillment Corp.

06673 is unique to Promotion Marketing Service, Inc.

06699 is unique to Controlled Distribution. Return to reference

[D1] Danbury, CT is home to Western Connecticut State University, 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810.

06610, 06811, and 06612 are for Danbury general mail.

06812 is actually New Fairfield, but acceptable for Danbury.

06813 is for Danbury Post Office Boxes.

06814 is unique to the "SHARED ZIP for BRM, CT" according to the USPS. I have no clue what this means!

06816 is unique to Grolier Enterprises, Inc.

06817 is unique to Union Carbide Corporation. Return to reference

[F1] Fairfield, CT is home to Fairfield University, 1073 North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT 06824.

06824 and 06825 are for Fairfield general mail.

06828 is unique to General Electric (WWW.GE.Com). Return to reference

[N1] Norwalk, CT in Fairfield County should not be confused with Norwich, CT (a city in New London County).

06850, 06851, 06853, 06854, and 06855 are for Norwalk general mail.

06852 and 06856 are for Norwalk Post Office Boxes.

06857 is unique to M B I, Inc. (WWW.MBI-Inc.Com).

06858 is unique to Setan Industries.

06859 is unique to Perkin-Elmer Corporation (WWW.PerkinElmer.Com).

06860 is unique to the "SHARED ZIP for BRM, CT" according to the USPS. I have no clue what this means! Return to reference

[R1] 06877 is for Ridgefield general mail.

06879 is unique to Promotion Systems, Inc. Return to reference

[S1] 06901, 06902, 06903, 06905, 06906, 06907, and 06910 are for Stamford general mail.

06904, 06911, and 06912 are for Stamford Post Office Boxes.

06913 and 06914 are unique to the "SHARED ZIP for BRM, CT" according to the USPS. I have no clue what this means!

06920 is unique to Connecticut National Bank.

06921 is unique to Champion International.

06922 is unique to the Clairol Company.

06925 is unique to Connecticut Bank & Trust.

06926 is unique to Pitney Bowes, Inc.

06927 is unique to GECC.

06928 is unique to International Masters Publishers. Return to reference

[W1] 06880 is for Westport general mail.

06881 is for Westport Post Office Boxes.

06888 is unique to Promotional Dev, Inc.

06889 is unique to Websters Unified. Return to reference

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