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New Haven County ZIP Codes
LocationZIP CodeActual Name (per USPS)
LocationZIP CodeActual Name (per USPS)
Albertus Magnus College06511(New Haven)
Allington, CT [A1]06516(West Haven)
Amity, CT06525(Woodbridge / New Haven)
Ansonia, CT06401
Beacon Falls, CT06403
Bethany, CT06524
Branford, CT06405
Branford Center, CT06405(Branford)
Branford Hills, CT06405(Branford)
Brooksvale, CT [B1]06518(Hamden)
Cedar Hill, CT06511(New Haven)
Centerville, CT (Centerville-Mount Carmel, CT)06518(Hamden)
Cheshire, CT [C1] 06408, 06410, 06411
Cheshire Correctional Institution06410(Cheshire)
Cheshire Village, CT06410(Cheshire)
City Point, CT06519(New Haven)
Clintonville, CT06473(North Haven)
Derby, CT06418
Devon, CT06460(Milford)
East Haven, CT06512, 06513
East Rock, CT06511(New Haven)
Fair Haven, CT [F1]06513(New Haven)
Gateway Community College06511 (Long Wharf Campus [New Haven]),
06473 (North Haven Campus)
Green Acres06473(North Haven)
Guilford, CT06437
Guilford Center, CT06437(Guilford)
Hamden, CT06511 (New Haven), 06514, 06517, 06518
Hammonasset Beach State Park [H1]06443(Madison)
Highwood, CT06514(Hamden)
Hotchkiss Grove, CT06405(Branford)
Indian Neck, CT06405(Branford)
Kellogg Environmental Center (Osbornedale State Park)06418(Derby)
Kettletown State Park06488(Southbury)
Leetes Island, CT06405(Branford)
Long Wharf, CT [L1]06511(New Haven)
Madison, CT06443
Madison Center, CT06443(Madison)
Manson Youth Institution06410(Cheshire)
Meriden, CT [M1]06450, 06351, 06454
Middlebury, CT [M2]06749, 06762
Milford, CT06460, 06461
Mill River, CT06511(New Haven)
Mixville, CT06410(Cheshire)
Montowese06473(North Haven)
Mount Carmel, CT06518(Hamden)
Naugatuck, CT06770
New Haven, CT [N1] 06501, 06502, 06503, 06504, 06505, 06506, 06507, 06508, 06509,
06510, 06511, 06512, 06513, 06514, 06515, 06517, 06518, 06519,
06520, 06521, 06524, 06525,
06530, 06531, 06532, 06533, 06534, 06535, 06536, 06537, 06538, 06540
New Haven Correctional Center06530(New Haven [P. O. Box])
North Branford, CT06471
North Guilford, CT06437(Guilford)
North Haven, CT06473
Northford, CT06472
Orange, CT06477
Osbornedale State Park ("Osbomedale State Park" is a typographical error, repeated several places on the Web!)06418(Derby)
Osborne Homestead Museum (Osbornedale State Park)06418(Derby)
Oxford, CT06478
Pine Orchard, CT06405(Branford)
Prospect, CT06712
Quinnipiac, CT06473(North Haven / Wallingford)
Quinnipiac Meadows, CT06513(New Haven)
Quinnipiac University06518(Hamden)
Sachem Head, CT06437(Guilford)
Seymour, CT06478, 06483
Short Beach, CT06405(Branford)
Silver Sands State Park06460(Milford)
Southford Falls State Park06488(Southbury)
Sleeping Giant State Park06518(Hamden)
South Britain, CT06487
Southbury, CT06488
Stony Creek, CT06405(Branford)
Totoket, CT06471(North Branford)
Tweed New Haven Airport (TNH)06340(East Haven)
Union City, CT [U1]06770(Naugatuck)
Wallingford, CT [W1] 06492, 06493, 06494, 06495
Wallingford Center, CT06492
Waterbury, CT [W2] 06701, 06702, 06704, 06705, 06706, 06708, 06710, 06712 (Prospect), 06716 (Wolcott), 06720, 06721, 06722, 06723, 06724, 06725, 06726, 06749
Webster Correctional Institution06410(Cheshire)
West Haven, CT06516
West Rock Ridge State Park06514(Hamden / New Haven)
Westville, CT06515(New Haven)
Wharton Brook State Park06492(Wallingford)
Whitneyville, CT06517(Hamden)
Wolcott, CT06705, 06716http://WWW.WolcottCT.Org
Woodbridge, CT06525
Woodmont, CT06460(Milford)
Wooster Square, CT06511(New Haven)
Yalesville, CT06492(Wallingford)


[A1] Allington, CT is sometimes misspelled Allingtown, CT.

Allington, CT, a village in the town of West Haven, CT (in New Haven County, CT) should not be confused with Ellington, CT (a town in Tolland County, CT) Return to reference

[B1] The Friends of Brooksvale Park website has some excellent photos and activities in this part of the Hamden, CT area.

"Brooks Vale, CT", "Brooksvail, CT" and "Brooksville, CT" are all misspellings. Return to reference

[C1] Cheshire, CT in New Haven County should not be confused with Chester, CT (a town in Middlesex County).

06408 is unique to Macy's By Mail (WWW.Macys.Com).

06410 is for Cheshire general mail.

06411 is unique to Bloomingdale's By Mail (WWW.Bloomingdales.Com]). Return to reference

[F1] Fair Haven, CT in New Haven County is sometimes spelled Fairhaven, CT. Fair Haven Heights, CT (Fairhaven Heights, CT) is also a neighborhood of New Haven. Return to reference

[H1] Hammonasset Beach State Park on Route 1 in Madison, CT (New Haven County) is frequently misspelled "Hamanaset", "Hammanaset", "Hammonaset", "Hamonasset", "Hammanasset", "Hammonassett", and even more creative ways. Hammonasset Beach is Connecticut's largest beach and has one of CT's largest public campsites. The boardwalk at Hammonasset Beach enables visitors to stroll and enjoy the wide view of white sand and Long Island Sound.

Return to reference

[M1] Meriden, CT:
06450 is for Meriden general mail.
06451 is for Meriden general mail.
06454 is unique to Travelers Insurance Company (WWW.Travelers.Com).
Return to reference

[M2] Middlebury, CT a town in New Haven County should not be confused with Middletown, CT, a city in Middlesex County.
06749 is unique to Uniroyal, Inc. (WWW.Uniroyal.Com), which may be listed in Naugatuck, CT and Waterbury, CT.
06762 is for Middlebury general mail.
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[N1] New Haven, CT is a major metropolitan area, the largest city in New Haven County.
06501, 06502, 06503, 06504, 06505, 06506, 06507, 06508, and 06509, are for New Haven P.O. Box general mail.
06510, 06511, 06512, 06513, 06514, 06515, 06517, 06518, and 06519 are for New Haven general mail.
06520 and 06521 are for New Haven P. O. Box general mail.
06524 and 06525 are for New Haven general mail.
06530, 06531, 06532, 06533, 06534, 06535, and 06536 are for New Haven P.O. Box general mail.
06537 and 06538 are unique to Advertising Distr. Co., according to the USPS Web Site at WWW.USPS.Com.
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[L1] Long Wharf, CT, a neighborhood of New Haven, CT, is home to Long Wharf Theatre. ("Long Warf, CT" is a misspelling.) Return to reference

[U1] Union City, CT in New Haven County should not be confused with Union, CT (a town in Tolland County), or Unionville, CT (a town in Hartford County). Return to reference

[W1] Wallingford, CT: 06492 is for Wallingford general mail.
06493 is unique to Connecticut General Medical Claims Office.
06494 is unique to Fosdick Corporation.
06495 is unique to International Masters Publishers.
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[W2] Waterbury, CT in New Haven County is a major metropolitan area.
06701 is unique to the United States Postal Service, according to the USPS.
06702 is for Waterbury general mail.
06703 is for Waterbury P.O. Box general mail.
06704, 06705, 06706, 06708, 06710, 06712, and 06716 are for Waterbury general mail.
06720, 06721, 06722, 06723, 06724, 06725, 06726 are for Waterbury P.O. Box general mail.
06749 is unique to Uniroyal, Inc.
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